Mastisol 2oz Bottle


Mastisol 60ml Bottle


Product number: 3006-02

Mastisol 2oz / 60ml bottle

A clear, non-irritating liquid surgical adhesive. Adheres 7-10 times better than the Compound Tincture of Benzoin. Water-resistant. Secures the most difficult dressings. Acts as a skin protectant to help reduce allergic reactions. Latex free. Caution: Flammable, do not swallow, external use only. Content: Mastic gum, liquid styrax, methyl salicylate, and alcohol (SDA-23A).

Mastisol is a liquid medical adhesive used to secure dressings, tapes, and certain medical devices over an extended period of time.

Use of Mastisol offers the following benefits:

  • Reduced likelihood of dressing displacement and device dislodgement
  • Minimized risk of device-related infection by creating a lasting occlusive barrier
  • Improved nurse efficiency with reduced time associated with unplanned dressing changes
  • Versatility to improve the adhesive power of a variety of adhesive tapes, dressings and, devices
  • Compatible with chlorahexidine gluconate (CHG)
  • Low risk of adverse reactions